Sinostar was established in 2015. After six years of rapid development, sinostar has now become a large-scale rope factory in r&d, production and manufacturing.It boasts advanced rope processing equipment, imported from Germany.The Chinese party ( UniqueOne ) is responsible for the inspection of these facilities involving advanced technologies.It manufactures over 8000 tons of chemical fiber ropes annually.

It is a designated suppiler of ropes to China Ship General Company and the most powerful manufacturer of chemical fiber ropes inside China.

It Is located in the historic city - Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province,which is a modern new type chemical fiber rope net export manufacturing enterprises.With domestic first-class production, testing equipment,it has gathered a group of professional and technical talents who have the ability of product research and technological innovation, and the core competitive products with independent intellectual property rights.The main production include polypropylene, polyethylene, polypropylene filament yarn, nylon, polyamide filament, polyester, polyethylene polymer, eleusine indica (compound) rope series cordelle network products, such as specifications Φ 6 mm - 150 mm, cable structure there were 3, 4, 6 shares, 8, 12, more than double shares, etc.The company has obtained iso9001:2016 quality management system certification, China (CCS), France (BV), the United Kingdom (LR), and other international authoritative classification society factory recognition and Marine products certificate.The products sell well in shipbuilding, ocean transportation, China shipping, cosco shipping, sinopec, cimc, zhongguang, Marine engineering, ports and terminals, defense industry, fishery and fishing and other fields.

Sinostar brand chemical fiber ropes, manufactured by adopting international standards and fully automatic machinesand equipment, are full series of products and have full range of specifications. The major products include polyamidefiber series, polyester, resin series, UHMWPE,etc. The products in terms of structure include 3-ply, 4-ply, 6-ply, 8-ply, 12-plyand 48-ply(double-layer braided)with the diameters ranging between 4mm and 146mm for your option. The company has developed by itself nylon single coarse filament developed by the company itself(which can march with Atlaus), compound ropes, composite ropes and core-coated ropes, and has patents for these porducts.

It also manufactures high-strength polypropylene rope, polypropylene rope, PP rope, rope, polyethylene polypropylene filament rope, nylon rope, nylon multifilament rope, polyester rope, polyester mixed cable, cable, Marine cable, cable factory, Marine cable factory, cable factory, cable factory company introduction.

With the image of faithfulness and honesty and with high quality ropes of Sinostarbrand, the company warmly welcomes customers from both at home and abroad nad provides them the best possible services, and looks forward to build up a more splendid future through joint efforts.